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Cusco – Peru

Trips Peru – guidebook: As a general rule to travel to Peru do not need any special vaccination although it is advisable to carry the Hepatitis A start. But if you travel to the Amazon region is very important that in addition to carry Hepatitis A set of yellow fever. Hepatitis A can buy at the pharmacy (about 16 euros) and you put it in your health center, but the yellow fever necessarily have to put in the middle of Foreign Health closest (18.33 euros for 2013 ). Tours Peru Machu Picchu

Further recommend taking Malarone (for malaria), but say it is highly unlikely spread of malaria in Peru. In addition to this, do not forget that the most important thing is to protect against mosquito bites as they are the main carriers of a lot of diseases, including malaria and Denge (the latter itself that you can get infected if an affected mosquito bites you). Tours Peru Machu Picchu

So use a good protector, rocíate throughout the body that will be exposed, and uses light-colored clothing. A bedtime do not forget to close the windows and if you have a mosquito net, for the better. As for the mosquito protector you can buy one in Peru, provided you have the barcode. Do not forget this name OFF! It is the best and very easy to apply. Tours Peru Machu Picchu


In banks will move to a lower price but is very safe, the airport is also changed even though you get less money, the best, are the exchange. Find money changers everywhere you go and even in small towns, but that is not very secure, they are paying more, they have the best hand but beware. There are official exchange, will seal the ticket you get for it if you had a problem can return. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

Nothing but passes passport control, with tapes luggage collection is a small cabin official exchange rate, you can change the amount you want, the exchange rate is the euro or dollar you look a day earlier by internet I think it is easy, in the official cabin, will give almost the same rate, sun up to sun down. Inside the airport there money changers are all over the streets of Lima and other cities of Peru, they go with a colored bibs and put a money sign. Moreover near banks usually full of moneychangers, asks how is the change to several of them. In the bills that they change you will get a stamp for all the same but only changes the number of forex trader, it is as if their membership number. Not accept any torn or broken corner with a ticket, also reviews the bills and not having to admit any ripping or tearing, can not be paid with those, if in doubt, ask to take another. Now you just have the intuition to see that money changer choose to get the money before entering a bank and watch as it is the change and what they do not offer the money changers, if the estimates difference is minimal, changes in the own city bank where you are. A good house change every place you’re visiting in Peru. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

If you go to downtown Lima to take the bus to Pisco and Paracas, I suggest that there around the square there are many exchange which can be changed without any problems on your route pairs in the Plaza San Martin in downtown Lima, and good price. And if you want more security, ask the taxi from here, that the driver is safe and you are expecting company and himself take you to change money and then go to the Soyuz terminal or Southern Cross. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

In Ica there are many money changers and official buildings around the square. Do not forget that in these cities and as you get adentrándote in Peru will give you a change a little lower, that is, so you could change enough to Paracas, Ica and that area and you change again in Arequipa. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

In Paracas, to get money there is only one ATM at the Hilton Hotel. Beware card payments. In Peru as a rule try to follow up with a 10% payments by credit card or debit card, this when you want it to pass. We always travel planning to use the credit card in everything you can and in the bulk of the purchases (payments hotels, restaurants ….) In this case this was a problem because when you try to pay with the card as common is that they tell you the dataphone is damaged or does not have it operating until 9 in the morning, or … any excuse is viable.

If you insist that you leave you buy a further 10%. There are restaurants and hotels not apply to either but keep that in mind because this is another thing when negotiating prices also have to negotiate. To us in many places they accepted removal, many other not, so we paid cash. Be aware also that tellers give no more than 400-450 soles or $ 200. Tours Peru Machu Picchu


Peruvian food is one of the most exquisite dishes of Peru. It is considered cultural heritage of the nation. There are a variety depending on the region and fish. He is a seasoned raw fish in lemon (Peru) onion, salt, and pepper aji limo. The preparation is unique and many people considered an aphrodisiac dish. It has been classified by many experts as one of the best in the world. For its variety, flavor, originality and rich food is a favorite of many tourists. Arriving to Peru, one of main reasons is a Peruvian dish taste and test its range of products. For many tourists it is a pleasure to feel the tradition and mix of cultures to try food so delicious. The ten main dishes of Peruvian cuisine are:

1. Grilled Chicken in Peru

It is the most consumed dish in Peru. The marinated meat is baked in the heat of the coals in a special oven chicken spinning on its axis. It’s cheap and you can find anywhere in the Peru. You can see their development at the Museum of Gastronomy of Peru.

2. Ceviche in Peru

It is one of the most exquisite dishes of Peru. It is considered cultural heritage of the nation. There are a variety depending on the region and fish. He is a seasoned raw fish in lemon (Peru) onion, salt, and pepper aji limo. The preparation is unique and many people consider it an aphrodisiac dish. Tours Peru Machu Picchu3. Olluquito with jerky in Peru

This dish is one of the most representative, since it has two ingredients that are exclusively Peruvian: olluco, a type of potato that grows in the Andes and jerky, dried beef and llama or alpaca, which are themselves products of Peru. It is a typical dish of the Peruvian highlands. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

4. Picante de cuy in Peru

This dish is eaten since pre Inca times and was one of the most important meals. Also, the guinea pig is an animal containing a lot of protein, omega 3 and has no fat. The preparation varies depending on the region. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

5. Cause filled with chicken or tuna in Peru

It is a very popular yellow potato-based dish, green peppers and corn, a Peruvian corn. The preparation supports several variants. Has pre-Columbian and later in the viceroyalty is added lemon. He is currently adding mayonnaise.  Tours Peru Machu Picchu

6. Peru Lomo saltado

A unique dish that comes from the mixture of Peruvian and Chinese food – Cantonese. The technique of cooking in the pan and the unique preparation makes it one of the most requested Creole dishes. It is typical of Peru. It is found in many restaurants and picanterías of any region of Peru. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

7. Aji de gallina Peru

Arises from the mixture of Spanish and Quechua ingredients. The chicken is shredded and mixed with a simple broth-based prepared milk and bread green pepper and served with yellow potatoes, olives and egg. It has a spicy flavor. It is easy to prepare. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

8. Rocoto filling in Peru

It was created in Arequipa. It is a typical dish in any restaurant Arequipa. It is prepared using as a base rocoto, similar to pepper fruit, and a filling of minced meat is placed and other ingredients are added. It tastes between spicy and sweet. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

9. Andean Potatoes in Peru

It is the classic entry Peruvian holiday. Undoubtedly one of the richest and easy to prepare dishes. Typical of the city of Huancayo in Junin, hence its name. It consists of yellow potatoes, pepper, milk and bread. The original dish is prepared with fuller, but has now been replaced by the blender. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

10. Peru Gastronomic Anticuchos

It is meat (the original is beef heart) specially dressed in red pepper sauce, skewered on a stick cane. Part of the family barbecue accompanied by corn, potatoes, peppers and chicha or chicha. Usually they eat on holidays. However, you can find them in a wheelbarrow in Lima, in the district of Barranco in the park of Sighs and in some restaurants. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

Altitude sickness or altitude sickness TRAVEL TO PERU:

About altitude sickness I recommend you go easy on the first day, to go habituándote not eat heavy the day before (especially dinner) take ibuprofen and / or aspirin, so you better come to you, right there selling some pills they are not harmful and are called sorochepill, no prescription to buy them is needed, but I think they have as a basic ingredient ibuprofen, ie is the same, further requests always arrive, coca tea, which some took it the Incas. Tours Peru Machu Picchu

It all depends on the person and then, something useful is “EDEMOX” which is highly recommended for the height and vasodilator but it all depends on the saturation of the blood. If you do the test and saturate for example 97% or 98% have almost assured that will not affect height, if perhaps a little pain but little head with an aspirin is passed. … And something very important to drink plenty of water …. For those who like me ye may not take ibuprofen or derivatives much coca tea, go slow to acclimatize and sleep in Puno pressure in the head is felt a little more, paracetamol and muña oil is a plant to soothe the pressure. Without forgetting hydrate well. And something very useful is to bring alcohol 98% (health) with cotton and go breathing occasionally (this when you’re very bad). Tours Peru Machu Picchu


In general:

  • reefer Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Hiking shoes and comfortable sandals Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • lightweight long pants, jeans and some shorts Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • short-sleeved cotton shirts, some long sleeve also in light colors. Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • thermal shirt Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • oilskin Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • fleece Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Solar protection Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • sunglasses Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • hat, hat or whatever Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • mosquito repellent Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • swimsuit Tours Peru Machu Picchu

Also note that there you can buy some very cheap stuff if you took, like gloves and hats typical, you will be needed for the area of Cusco, in the north do not need it.


A basic kit must contain:

  • Analgesics / antipyretics Paracetamol, Ibuprofen Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Antiallergic / Antihistamines Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Thermometer Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Cura materials: sterile gauze, tape, elastic bandages, antiseptic solution Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • iodine-based or other, scissors, plasters … Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Sunscreen. High factor. Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Medicines needed for those chronically ill. Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Mosquito repellent. Tours Peru Machu Picchu
  • Fortasec or similar for diarrhea. Tours Peru Machu Picchu