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Ecological Tour 2 days / 1night

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Cusco – Peru

Ecological Tour 2 days: This is a short adventure program especially for people who do not have much time on their travels and likes nature and adventure in the Peruvian jungle, also visit Lake Sandoval is located in the national reserve of Second day TAMBOPATA and have several activities and a visit to the monkey Island.

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Ecological Tour 2 days / 1 night:



7:30 a.m. transfer of their hotels if they traveled during the night pick up from the bus station or airport transfer to the office briefly walk through the city center, then we went to Puerto Acosta and we boarded our boat for 50 minutes sailing the Rio Madre de Dios to the entrance of Lake Sandoval where we register and walk approx. 3 kilometers.

On this tour we will see a variety of flora and fauna luck variety of birds, monkeys, rodents, insects, reptiles and amphibians.

Upon reaching the lake shores will embark on a rowboat, led by their guide, will give a walk around this wonderful lake, where you will hopefully see birds like Shanshos, Macaws, Auroras, Anhingas well and between the palm trees and water holes, some species of monkeys, and navigating the waters will appreciate the taricayas (Podocnemis unifilis) Lizards and the best attraction in Lake Sandoval “The otters”.

It may take a refreshing dip in something and taste a delicious typical lunch jungle in the afternoon, accompanied by our guide will come from to reach the banks of the Rio Madre de Dios, where our boat awaits us to take us to our lodge facility in rooms. CAIMANEADA.- 6:30 pm After settling board a boat with a reflector, will travel along the river to see alligators on the beaches, it is also possible to see other animals like capybaras and nocturnal birds is the world’s largest rodent Dinner and rest.


5:30 a.m. CANOPY recommended because at this time there is the possibility of seeing many birds and also the natural landscape at this time is impressive guide will have information about flora and fauna of this place.

7:00 a.m.-SHOT LINEA. After enjoying the platform canopy the guide will explain how to perform the shooting line will place the equipment necessary for their safety and following the instructions you can slide down the shot line 190 meters long, the other side will receive the wizard to help you cross another small bridge 70 m long and return for another shot line 160 m long returning to the starting point. After his adventure through the trees back to the facilities of the lodge, where we based or healthy local fruit breakfast and fried plantains.

KAYAKC 10.00 a.m. (level 1). After settling lifejackets board the boat and then move the kayak and enjoy this adventure, for your safety will always be a boat that will follow the group accompanying him, good opportunity to bathe in the waters of the Mother of God and to de-stress from our activities in the city, lunch and can rest or take a nap in the hammocks.

MONKEY ISLAND. In the afternoon visit the island that lies in front of our hostel you will find variety of monkeys in their natural habitat, these animals are used to humans and you can feed them.

4:00 p.m. to Pto. Maldonado

Upon returning to the city you were found with a beautiful sunset.