arequipa tours Colca Canyon

Arequipa Tours – Colca Canyon

Arequipa Tours – Colca Canyon

City Tours Arequipa: The Misti volcano is asleep, but Arequipa wakes up every morning in constant boiling. And although at its summit a few small clouds of smoke are regularly seen, not for that reason the Arequipeños – proud as few of their tender of inviting the tourist to cross its white streets and its traditional squares. The stately city of Arequipa owes the characteristic color of its houses and other constructions to the stone of sillar, of volcanic origin, with which they are made.

Founded as Villa Hermosa de Nuestra Senora de Asunta – Arequipa, it was granted the city hierarchy in 1541. Arequipa has also been, throughout its history, cradle of prelude men of Peruvian politics and culture. Today the in its spectacular Neo-Renaissance Cathedral, in the impressive monastery of Santa Catalina and in its houses and museums, Reasons more than enough to visit.

Plaza de Armas of the city of Arequipa:

Surrounded by the Cathedral Church and various portals, the Plaza de Armas presents a beautiful three-plate bronze font crowned with the figure of a soldier of century XVI. This personage is called the “Tuturutu”, who according to history was the one in charge to warn of any event novel Around the square you can see three portals made with granite and with brick and lime vaults: the Portal del Cabildo (Portal del Municipality), the Delights Portal (Portal de San Agustín) and the Portal del Rejoice (Portal de Flores)