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World wonder Machu Picchu is a great discovery of Machu Picchu Inca Capital The July 24, 1911, Hiram Bingham revealed to the world the majesty of Machu Picchu. The scientific world recognizes him as the first to assess the monuments he had before his eyes. Here, the passages of his great feat, perennizados in his memoirs.

It is a place that nature was responsible for blessing his eternal breath. Machu Picchu, the wind does not blow or caresses the skin, but speak with patience and without fear of Inca greatness. And the sky, where there is life, descends with clouds to the terraces where they still hope germinates. At each step you take to tour the sanctuary understands that the beauty of the landscape is the work of life and man.

Hiram Bingham, who looked a century ago the last Inca capital, was dazzled when arriving at the canyon of the Urubamba. “In the variety of its beauty and power of his spell, I do not know anywhere else in the world that can compare,” he said noting the snow looming above the clouds, giant cliffs and thick vegetation with orchids and trees.


The historian and professor Hiram Bingham Yale University (1875-1956) discovered Machu Picchu motivated by his desire to identify the town of Vilcabamba, which was known as the last refuge of the Inca kings, who lived there between 1536 and 1572. He arrived in the country in 1911, with the purpose of penetrate beyond the headwaters of Vilcabamba River, up to Chaullay flows into the Urubamba River.

In Cuzco, Machu Picchu knew that would be found near the route that had been established to reach Vilcabamba. So I just stopped for a day in the town of Mandorbamba, because he doubted that would be the citadel he sought. Apparently, the location did not match their historical sources. He set up his camp on the banks of the river, on a sandy beach, near a dilapidated thatched hut.

In the place he met the peasant Melchor Arteaga, who certified him the majesty of archaeological remains that have astonished the world. At dawn on July 24, drizzle and cold shiver made the villager, who preferred to stay in his hut instead of accompanying him. Bingham offered remunerate if she helped him get there through ascending and difficult Inca Trail, on a wet day. The members of the expedition naturalist and surgeon-a showed no interest in going with him. “It was my job to investigate any reports of ruins and trying to find human capital,” he said. At ten in the morning, along with Arteaga and Sergeant Carrasco, his official guardian, they began to climb the steep slopes Incas, who were covered with dense vegetation. After walking for three quarters of an hour, Arteaga went into the jungle to reach the riverbank. There an old bridge that no longer allowed to cross the stream roared its flow was. They had then to take your shoes to cross avoiding slipping. “I have the candor to admit that dragged me with hands and feet without advance about six inches each time,” he recalled.

Then they fought to make way through the dense thicket and began to rise for an hour and twenty minutes, even cats and holding fingernails. Sometimes they found some primitive ladder that helped them not slip through the grass. At noon they arrived, completely exhausted, covered a small shed, where several Indians received pumpkins filled with fresh water and served them boiled potatoes.

TIME OF WONDER OF MACHU PICCHU wonder of the world

The two families lived four years in the area not often receive visitors because it was difficult to access. Are He believed that the place had been uninhabited for several centuries, but the culmination of the new Inca trail led settlers to return to repopulate the place of pleasant climate. There, the artificial terraces allow them to plant various foods such as corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar cane and tomato. In his memoirs, Bingham admits that he was not motivated to continue the journey because it was very hot, preferring to rest. From the place, the view was stunning: everywhere there were rocky cliffs, the mountains were covered in snow and in the distance the peak of Huaynapicchu mountain was observed. “We continue to enjoy the wonderful view of the canyon, but all the ruins that we could see from our ice retreat were a few terraces”.

Without much hope, he continued to walk without the support of Arteaga, who preferred to remain and instruct the child Pablito Alvarez to be the guide. “Just left the cabin and we turned the promontory, we find an unexpected sight: a big step stretch of terraces beautifully constructed bras stone may there be a hundred of them, each about one hundred feet long and ten feet high. . It looked recently rescued from the jungle by the Indians. “

Then they found walls of stone houses, but they were covered by trees and moss that had grown in several centuries. As they advanced, climbing the walls of the terraces were more architectural treasures, like the cave lined with fine stone, which could be the royal mausoleum; a semicircular building resembling the Temple of the Sun, in Cusco, and a wall of blocks carefully rigged.

Hiram Bingham was captivated by the beauty of the lines, the symmetry of the blocks and the gradation of the rows that caused a wonderful effect. “Due to the absence of mixing, there were no unsightly gaps between the blocks. They seemed to have grown together. For the beauty of white granite, surpassed in this structure attractive to the best walls of Cusco,” he said.

After climbing a hill, they came to a staircase of granite blocks. Then they walked through a vegetable garden and found two structures of white granite blocks exceeding the size of a man and weighing 10-15 tons. Each building had three walls and was open on one side. Also he saw a temple with three large windows Incas. The sight left him spellbound and was encouraged to take photographs to witness his great discovery.


Access to the Resource Type of trip Observation for the trip to Machu Picchu
ground Touristic bus  
ground railroad  
ground Other (Specify Type) On the bus route Cusco – Mollepata – SantaTeresa – Hydroelectric and walk to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu pueblo).

Path to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

travel Tour section access Conveyance Access road Distance in Kms. / Time machu picchu
1 Cusco to Machu Picchu Station ground railroad railroad 112km. / 3 hours 30 minutes
2 From Santa Teresa – Machu Picchu Hydroelectric -Station ground Public Mini Bus affirmed 18 km 45 minutes
3 Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu Station ground railroad railroad 44 km. / 1 hour 30 minutes


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Upon presentation of ticket or ticket to Machu Picchu FOREIGN ADULT S /. ous $; FOREIGN STUDENTS (ISIC) S /. or US $; NATIONAL ADULT (DNI) S /. or US $; NATIONAL STUDENT (DNI) S /. or US $

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Full Year – Year Round 06:00 to 15:00 hrs. travel to Machu Picchu and other alternative routes to Machu Picchu


infrastructure Observation
water At the entrance to the complex of Machu Picchu
light At the entrance to the complex of Machu Picchu
Phone At the entrance to the complex of Machu Picchu


infrastructure Observation
water In Machupicchu Pueblo.
sewerage In Machupicchu Pueblo.
drain In Machupicchu Pueblo.
light In Machupicchu Pueblo.
signaling In Machupicchu Pueblo.
phone In Machupicchu Pueblo.


activity Type
nature Watching wildlife
nature Observation of flora
nature Observing the landscape
folklore mystical rituals
Sports / Adventure Walk or Trekking to Machu Picchu
Other (specify type) Cultural activities
Other (specify type) Studies and Research
Other (specify type) Holding events to Machu Picchu
Other (specify type) Taking pictures and footage


Servicio del tour Tipo de tour Observación del tour
Alimentación Snacks ubicado junto al ingreso a machu picchu
Otros Servicios Tópico ubicado junto al ingreso a machu picchu
Otros Servicios Seguridad / POLTUR ubicado junto al ingreso a machu picchu
Otros Servicios Servicio de Guiado ubicado junto al ingreso a machu picchu
Otros Servicios Venta de Material Informativo(libro,revistas,postales,videos,etc) ubicado junto al ingreso a machu picchu
Otros Servicios Otros (Especifique tipo) guardarropa en el ingreso a machu picchu


Servicio Tipo Observación
Alojamiento Hoteles En Machupicchu Pueblo
Alojamiento Hostales En Machupicchu Pueblo
Alojamiento Casa de Hospedaje En Machupicchu Pueblo
Alimentación Restaurantes En Machupicchu Pueblo
Alimentación Bares En Machupicchu Pueblo
Alimentación Kioskos de venta de comida/bebida En el poblado de Machupicchu
Otros Servicios Venta de artesanía En Machupicchu Pueblo
Otros Servicios Bancos – Cajeros En Machupicchu Pueblo
Otros Servicios Facilidades para discapacitados En Machupicchu Pueblo
Otros Servicios Museos de Sitio A la altura del puente Ruinas
Otros Servicios Oficina de Información En el distrito de Machupicchu I-Perú
Otros Servicios Seguridad / POLTUR En Machupicchu Pueblo
Otros Servicios Servicio de Internet En Machupicchu Pueblo
Otros Servicios Tópico En Machupicchu Pueblo
Otros Servicios Venta de Material Informativo(libro,revistas,postales,videos,etc) En Machupicchu Pueblo
Otros Servicios Venta de Material para Fotografía En Machupicchu Pueblo
Otros Servicios Otros (Especifique tipo) Servicio de Masajes y sauna en el distrito de Machupicchu