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It’s monomania of his impressions traveling in public, writing, and privately the other; thus said a writer. And indeed, when one travels excursiona or impressions is worth noted, tables require be described and landscapes worthy to portray; seems to contracts with their own conscience obliged to make known what he has seen, much more if it can be useful to unravel deep and unfathomable problems that remain surrounded by mysteries and doubts Perhaps if the primitive past of Pre-Columbian America today uncertain and nebulous, can be resolved in clear and definitive solutions, when the stock of official investigations and individuals emerge to set the scientific key craved so many uncertainties and contradictions analysis and appear to dominate as climactic position the Schielleman, the Botta and Mariette this continent. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Those who are just very modest workers, lost in the immense bustle of modern life, the hard work of clearing the unknowns that precede our history, we have no mission to contribute with very modest materials, crude, rude and reports to the tireless explorers of the impenetrable seas of History present the picture made, the perfect work, historic building with vaulted portico and truth. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Many unknown things, how many past mistakes, given the paucity of data to the category of truths, have been discovered and have been saved, thanks to this kind of research since the second half of the nineteenth century and in the order of social organization , civil and political, as in the material and artistic heritage of the ancient Peruvians. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Thanks to the findings made in tours Pachacamac, tours Chanchan, tours Chincha, tours Tiahuanaco, tours Choquequirau and lately in tours Machu Piccho have passed the pink fields of legend and myth, the data, which haloed by the aura of the most ingenuous optimism, we showed our past history, as the heavenly field, as the biblical Land of promise and as the dreamed Republic by the philosopher of the Dialogues, a concept that today only flatter the vanity of amateur old who have remained with their studies and readings fifty years ago, or children who cherish a dream quaint stories of his early teachers of the school. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

For many are only Inca or pre-Inca monuments of stones and huge stones showing their lines confused inequality, on the wall of severe and majestic appearance, making it is proven that in ancient Peru, as in all America, progress Arts especially Architecture, has followed a line similar to the evolution of all peoples; so that luxury in the quality of buildings, the material of these depended on the object to which they are destined. The temple, the Emperors Palace, the residence of the Curacas and heads of groups, dominated the rest of the buildings, exceeded by the dedication and majesty of its construction while the homes of the mass of the population were rustic, rough and made of mud and clay; so no wonder that next to buildings solidity and magnificence of some remains, we find others who have the same interest, which some assume that the latter have colonial origins, as a poblacioncita called Pumahuanca which is half a league Ollantaytambo, following up the stream that comes down from snow and where there is a group of sheds made of small stones and mud. It is also believed that no thresholds used wood for construction and other uses, as in many places as tours Machu Piccho Torontoy and there are of this material. It is believed and said so, if not mistaken, Valladar, which in ancient Peruvian art, at least in the buildings, not known or used the curved line, and Pisac and Machu Piccho is found mainly in the Intihuatanas. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Before the commission of the American University of Yale chaired by Dr. Bingham, had arrived, he was not heard speaking often of Machu Piccho, and if this place was named was to simply designate a position Silque hacienda whose boundary is, and not to designate as maintainer remains of the importance and proportions as if locked. Americans who came on this field trip did know absolutely in Cuzco success of their scientific explorations. Only we knew that Dr. Bingham came with the security of finding traces of that ancient Peruvian civilization spread to the region of the mountain, where he had one of their headquarters. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

The tireless and talented Rector of the University of Cuzco, Dr. Don Alberto A. Giesecke, American towering talent, was the first to warn me by October, in a letter he wrote to Lima, where he was ill, the news that Dr. Bingham had found several ancient cities, including two above Choqquequirau. So revealing could not help but notice immediately work out an excursion through the valleys of La Convencion, in search of the route and places where Dr. Bingham had passed, even when the rainy season was not right for my project. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

I talked to some friends of mine and disciples who finds equal interest. Later in the newspapers of Lima knew that Dr. Bingham, and return to his country, gave the Geographical Society that capital a conference in which he made other interesting revelations of Machu Piccho, presenting it as a complete ancient city. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Taking advantage of the holiday season, however, the immense difficulties that people who knew the way I presented them as insurmountable, I undertook the journey with Mr. Justo A. Ochoa, very determined by this kind of excursions, as sensible and cautious. Some comrades, say, that should be, did not go with us because not always done what you want. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

In Urubamba tours, where we prepare all necessities for the trip, we got a game and decide child, young Alberto Lopez, Spanish blood, and my student at the National College of Science, who joined the tour determined to face the vicissitudes of travel. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

When we leave Urubamba, on January 14, mistrust and a certain air of commiseration, it was etched on the faces of those who knew our purposes. What will get to Machu Piccho! There’s no way! Words can not cross the river now! It’s unfordable! Be the snakes will eat! Exclamations were heard; but I was determined to fill my purpose; for something traveling with Mr. Justo Ochoa, whose wealth Ccollpani, three leagues from Machu Piccho, was to be the center of our operations, and who as owner of those regions would have paved the difficulties we atravesasen. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

At 9 and 30 a.m. and our horses ran through the green and rocky mall that nothing should be called, the road between Urubamba tours and Ollantaytambo tours. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

We continued throughout the river bank which at the time had been murky, with strong and growing rare, muttering ledamente between the leaves of the capulies and willows bent their bushy foliage to touch the water, licking its branches weighed down. On the sides, the capulies robust lavishly afforded us her luscious red fruit, and birds restless jumped from one tree to another. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Above the bare hills, dominating them as giant victor, the Andes showed their garment of snow that look like ermine cloak covering the hunched back of a monster and fed with thaws, many torrents that rush with arrogant rumor through the valleys and gorges to pay tribute to the historical Vilcanota waters.

In Ollantaytambo we learned that many bridges of sticks, placed on the streams from the mountains, had been destroyed and dragged through the streets. Soon we make sure this truth. Tanccacc river (the pushing), habíase taken the bridge, and the growing had increased its waters, which at all times are memorable for the whim, sometimes harmful, Yea change course. We crossed the river by a ford without further novelty, the danger that ran the boy who accompanied us on foot, who was almost wrapped up and swept away. The crew of workers that constantly runs through the valley road to fix the damage did not seem yet to replace the bridge. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

We continue to Pisccocucho. In the river called Huaittampo more impetuous and very stony bed stream, we found that on the opposite side to which we stood, stopped a train of 15 mules loaded with cocaine, hindered by a laborer who would not let them cross the bridge, which floor had fallen into the river and whose clubs were to sink and fall walls and everything. There I could see the dire straits in which the herdsmen who harasses the desire to make known the day the approximation of the night and difficulty get poor traffic.

The pattern is one Lord Neighbor Urubamba, walking on foot herding his horse that he could not pure rider tired, accompanied by another boy took to perching on the bridge and watch their damage; He climbed the river bank, peered a ford where arrear their mules and to the futility of his attempts took large stones, cut branches of shrubs, placed on the skeleton of the bridge thickly and sowed land in very thin layer placed on her stones, and so, one by one passed the beasts and went on his way. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

We took advantage of the work of hurried traveler and we crossed the river to go our way. When expressed to Mr. Ochoa gave me the impression that we had witnessed the event told me laughing: “This is nothing, you saw when intercepting a road or a bridge collapse destroyed. Passengers who are prevented by both sides join in a common work, and thus open a way, clean a cave and build a bridge. My friend, here the traveling road is opened, while the valleys strong and healthy pay a contribution. ” (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

On my return from the tour the bridge was worse than the first time, and was told that four times had built a new bridge, and many others took it the river … (1 day Machu Picchu Tours – Peru Mountain ).

We arrived at tours Pisccocucho amid a drizzle and a cold wind whistling furiously. On that site the Andean mountain chain breaks, it breaks in its continuity, it seems to have taken a huge leap to the other side of the river, as if afraid to humble himself and drag her ermine cape in the mud, had passed the abyss and puéstose of a jump on the crest of the hill opposite. There also is the palpable geologist shows how the Vilcanota killed in its course by the bulk of the Andes rompiólo desecrated her womb and rushed down cause their furies opened it. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Before reaching Torontoy, we finished our journey tours, we had to witness one of many abuses by Mystes gamonales district with the poor Indians, eternal victims of a plague of inverecundos explorers: when we were walking down a hillside a indiecillo of poncho and cap, asesando, panting red as a flat, bathed in sweat, caught up with us and we are still ahead in a fleeting career, taking in the poncho a bottle of liquor, which sent him to buy from Pisccocucho, where he had gone a league away. We asked the cause that made him run so violently and could only answer us, including a cough that choked the words in his throat. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

“Alla below have fought two men and one of them bring prisoner”. Rounding a bend intemperate voices heard, and to anticipate the way the sinister perceive a little hut beside which there were two beasts. Ochoa, as it was in their domains, said he had to see what was happening and we approached him toward the house. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

A man baleful look, chubby, depressed neck and crooked nose, stepped toward us greeting us with swagger. Don imperiously demanded Just tell him what was happening. At this moment left the hut Torontoy a poor little old man with a bloody face, eyes almost covered by swelling of the cheeks and bleeding from the nose, hands had strongly tied back with a rough rope. After that came a monstrous woman whose face was pure mistreated, that was not a human face, it was a grotesque, barbaric and horrendous drawing done in a jar or on a pumpkin. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Others who spent four sitting on stones and drank the liquor had taken the little Indian, like celebrating that orgy of pain and the other of beodez. Mr. Ochoa, furious, to the awfulness of the picture, rebuked the chubby guy asking for the truth of the fact. The Indian hamstrung came forward to say that a fight he had with his wife, who was one whose face was a living cardinal, brought it in that way and handing him furious blows, the miste that beside still stood, and which it was no authority or anything. The commissioner said he alluded to capture the indigenous, the governor of Ollantaytambo, but had no written order and rather, with the alleged offender a beast of this was brought for payment for their services. The indignation of my partner arrived at height of rage, and between hard reprimands capable of moving the stones, which again Wakeel undoer of grievances and maidens, forced the boy to give freedom to Chavez, such was the Galeotti. How many things are committed in the secluded solitude of payments and villages! How many curses uttered by the Indian against his history and destiny! The evening fell in a quiet rustling, the hills seemed prepared to sleep surrounded by darkness that covered them; We arrived at Torontoy, where there are remains that I have occupied last time. We slept in a hut, along with a family of Indians who looked after us with interest and solicitude they could, listening to the monotonous chirping of crickets and perceived as fast winks light flashing fireflies hovering in the atmosphere. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).


From Ollantaytambo we hear from the mouth of the Indians, various news of the “Chapetes” so named them Dr. Bingham and his colleagues and those who said they were like madmen through the hills and bushes along the banks of the river, and were lost weeks, without provision or anything that supports them. “Sometimes they threw on the floor and appliances do not understand, measure the land, they mowed the grass and try to wade across the river, where he drowned an Indian, who was forced to ProBase a site and pass to the other side taking their things (devices). They searched the corpse, they found the group that led the above objects, they were glad for their recovery, and threw the body into the river. ” (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Thus, ironically, a woman told us Torontoy, of Yale University, whose Herculean task had occasion to see from the next day. It dawned it with some rain, we apercibimos for the trip, we take chairs the horses and continued our journey along a narrow creek that increasingly seemed more narrow. And the river from that place bellowing rushes and strike with anger margins of the waves. We spent another puenteci1o on a rushing river from which steamers, a few days ago that he had fallen a little boy, who became more likely to appear dragged to the Vilcanota, whose waves were his shroud. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

When parents asked the younger brother, who accompanied the deceased back to the hut, they say he replied: “E1 river has taken it.” What caught my attention was the ease with which these things come natural, like the most ordinary of his stormy life. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

We spent Artilleruyocc, graphic name given to a hill which often huge stones of many fells passengers or beasts, as happened has some years with Mr. Fortunato Monteagudo, who died victim of a gauge that shot come off the hill, which why they call gunner. Popular literature is often very successful and logic in the invention of words. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

We have already intemado in the mountains, whose exuberance and great majesty are to be described by a poet, and described heat. Nature shows there lavish, rich, fertile, in all its menacing grandeur. The river runs impetuous in a deep channel and muddy and narrow path winds along a hillside, which goes through the high hill, keeping your feet the abyss and over the immensity of the curly rocks and spiky by a grove nourished: it is a vicious healthiness, of which man can barely exploited. The roads there surely by the rainy season, are so dangerous that when transiting them feels the full extent of the love of life. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

There are sites in which the path is barely enough to pass a horse, so that a misstep is to shoot 50 or 60 meters to the river. What passengers call Barbecue is something that inspires awe the moment. The river sometimes causes the fork from a fraction of the road, empty space is above the water going into the corner licking. To pass such places, patch, say welded, the separate parts, which often have a length of four meters, with a bridge of sticks and chaclas with floor, so it’s like a very weak bridge. There are barbecues are at considerable heights, as there are others, such as one that recently had at the place called the “Media Naranja” which are almost touching the river. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Before reaching the site called Machine, named for many years-that is introduced there a Spanish sawing machinery, some of whose pieces are scattered as spoils of a struggle against the obstacles of nature. On the left bank of the river, we saw that the bed of it was great fen di do in ex ten sion by a wall of large stones neither more nor less than a part of the region between Pichingoto and Pachar. Near this site, as about a league of the machine, in an immense forest tree is on the hill opposite the road we followed, we warned that staggered divided andenería a hill. These platforms, which are of the same character as those of Ollantaytambo and Ppisacc have not been known or even seen by anyone, and if now oeuvres was because Dr. Bingham climbed up there, desecrated the solitude of these places and made resound in those deep valleys, awakening the sleeping echoes, the ax that toppled the secular trees, chased snakes that abound these places and made light of the terracing will surely continue throughout the extension of the hill, clear. This adjoins Machu Piccho, and apparently is part of another hill called Huainapiccho, which is opposite to it. From there we began to appreciate the immense work of the commission of Yale University, since there are no roads, no bridges amenities. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

They forded the river at various locations, taking advantage of the growing little water. These platforms are often from Ollantaytambo throughout the extent of the left bank of the river; at first sight reveal the existence of ruins, then, it is almost certainly where platforms must have remains of cities or fortresses. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

At 2 pm we reached the bridge of San Miguel, whose floor was then in deplorable conditions. It is an iron bridge equal to Urubamba, but longer and firmer apparently be supported by a central wall of huge proportions and the walls of the waters of the Vilcanota break seething. San Miguel is a place where both margins some little huts, made of palisades and with thatched roofs, so that air and light penetrate all the cracks left by the walls of woven chaclas. It is a place that from the first moment draws attention of the traveler, because sudden, suddenly, the river that there is not a lot of jumping and clanging, after extended above the bridge, front, passing under it, is launched with momentum and a roar such, between rocks and stones, it seems that from there would realize their power and announced to the elements with a terrible roar. Its turbulent waters folded down, whipping boulders that rise on the runway, breaking with roaring momentum and launch into space its bristling rain foam and drops, which so subtle look like faint steam rising from the surface of the water. So thunderous and immense, it seems to run faster at the end of their journey. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

And how many contrasts in life and how fatal conditions: He wrote these lines, remembering the guide Lizarraga all a good person, when I receive mail a letter from my friend and colleague Justo A. Ochoa, located in Ccollpani and I announced the tragic death of that, it was a deer to climb the most inaccessible and brave all obstacles to detail places. Mr. Ochoa writes me:

Antier February 11 we had the misfortune of losing our tour guide and companion of Don Agustin Lizarraga. It was I drowned in the arm of the river that runs near San Miguel, passing the dangerous bridge that I showed you to go see his farm; I am told half-bridge fell, and as I was only accompanied by a child, he could not help. The body has not been able to find, however being sought in the area of three leagues. The misfortune occurred at 4 p.m. As you will understand the event has deeply moved us “(Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru)..

Poor Lizarraga! He died, as die twenties and thirties, and as you may have killed hundreds of people, because the bridge that tells me Mr. Ochoa, and there are several in the extension of the Vilcanota, can not be called such, are sticks or beams tied with ties and twine it is that they miss one party to another without walls or secure the support river. To me, when I showed on that bridge, I seemed to see the dangerous post a mountebank. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Surely Lizárraga passed into a kind of island in the middle of the river, to a small extent and where he had his sowing corn. The authorities should prohibit the use of this kind of bridges that are only a savage attack on the existence; I’ve seen one that has been thrown across the river. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Nearing Ccollpani find Mr. Enrique Palma, the university Luis Ochoa and José María Ochoa in the company of those telegrapher and Mr. Martinez arrived at the hacienda, where I had my comfortable bed and was treated with all kinds of attention. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Ccollpani is large hacienda, producer of cane, coca and various fruits, liquor, sugar and chancacas it is made, and is taking its product large increase Ochoa zeal of men who are very enterprising and industrious. And we saw the cane fields covered considerable areas, showing his gnarled stems and wrapped his lance-shaped leaves and coca weak growth. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).


We expected a cloudless day without rain to climb to Machu Piccho remaining three leagues from Ccollpani. To gain time somehow Wednesday 17 made a visit to the Huadquiña farm, one of the first in production and facilities in the Valley of La Convencion, owned by Mrs. Carmen Vargas widow Romainville, which is half a league Ccollpani, on the opposite side of the river. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

We passed the bridge Ccollpani is wire, whose siding is very broken, with large anchovies patched with stones, in almost the entire length, so as graphic and witty phrase of Mr. José María Ochoa, and the bridge instead wooden floor had it with stones. Surely roads and bridges are painfully abandoned valley. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

We arrived at Huadquiña, after crossing two bridges wire placed on the rivers passing through the gates of the estate, and sent build private funds that was wealthy gentleman Mr. Mariano Vargas that was not 2nd Vice-President of the Republic, because he did not want. The village of Huadquiña is comfortable, decent and with a full complement of magazines and articles. The farm, for its inhabitants and settlers, is a population. The machines are state of the art. Mr. Arteta told us recently rode the Pelhton of great power that taught us explaining how to develop the liquor, sugar and molasses. In a huge room we saw the operation of the machines, and we could contemplate, as the stripped cane leaves, falling between the rotations of the cylinder and turned into juice, ran a series of transformations through a multitude of events, to be in kegs and deposited as alcohol. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Amid the multitude of wheels, pulleys, belts and screws move saw Mr. Arteta examining the pieces and directing the work. After staying in Huadquiña all afternoon, meriting the attention of Mr. Arteta, back to Ccollpani. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Near this farm, on the opposite side, there are very salutary hot springs that flow from a spring near a temperature of 60 degrees, at least. Many people go to bathe, where the Don Mariano Vargas had built around four pools and a room for bathers. To bathe in the waters referred is necessary that the water 12 hours before being deposited in the pools so they can get down to a suitable temperature.


On the evening of 18 we went to Machu Piccho, with plan to spend night in San Miguel and walk up to the remains of the ancient city, with the dawn of the next day, to have enough time to visit and know everything that encloses the place mentioned. We leave Ccollpani with Mr. Enrique Palma connoisseur of Machu Piccho and very daring explorer, Mr. Justo A. Ochoa, my colleague, Mr. Luis Ochoa, my university and student amateur photographer, Mr. José María Ochoa, brother earlier, a young and witty decidor exhilarated and happy spirit and good walker and Mr. Fernando Palma, neighboring valleys and well-known sportsman in Cuzco for their hobbies to athletic games. With prudence we had to applaud the next day, we persuaded the youngster Alberto Lopez to stay in Ccollpani (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

waiting, fearing that his young age suffer the consequences of a painful walk, as well as careful of snakes that have, as their favorite residence, the hills and roads that we should go. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

In Aobamba, a league Ccollpani, we had to dismount to leave the animals and walk a mile left to us to get to San Miguel, as the poor state of a bridge just kept shaking forced us to not expose the life of our horses. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

With our haunches to the back, in shirtsleeves and with carbines, shotguns, machetes and cutlasses as he called Mr. Palma (Don Enrique), we made our way to San Miguel in 30 minutes. We stayed at the house of the late Mr. Lizárraga, where we spend much of the night playing cards and laughing jokes and jokes of Don Jose Maria, whose good humor not waned at times of increased fatigue and imminent danger. Lizarraga said it was doubtful arrival at Machu Piccho, because the road where we had to climb was completely obstructed by any use made of it, for a long time. When we asked for the route he had followed Dr. Bingham, he told us that he went another old road and easier climbs up near the machine or Mandor, which could not continue for not being able to ford the river during the rainy season, as did that for the months of August and September. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

He charged us that we should walk wary of snakes that are usually found on the road, without running away or offend but that steps inadvertently bite with often fatal results. For this purpose he told us that all the inhabitants of those regions were chopped, the least once, that poisonous reptile. Such is the abundance of them in those places that once, as we quietly told Lizarraga, in a work of coca, found in passing and average slaughter, in just one day fifty percent vipers which killed. The three Indians who accompanied us, carrying supplies and equipment required for the tour also told us how often snakes bite people and how they heal, which is as barbaric as effective: Immediately after being bitten catch the blade who always carry and slice a portion of meat all round the part where they have felt the sting, leaving his post a huge wound, which burn with coals and cauterize impassively with salt called stone. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

This cure neutralizes the venom, but leaves unmovable for five or six months. The Indians have interesting anecdotes relating to the bite of snakes (Picacc), whose venom avoids also sucking the blood at the site of the wound. It warns that a German was bitten by a snake in the palm of the hand, and having at that time no antidote resorted to the first Indian to whom he found on the road and threatening him with a gun, forced him to that suck the part chopped . Thus he saved his life, putting at serious risk the Indian who happily had no wound in the mouth. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

19 day dawned with heavy rain that flooded the floor and forced the birds to hide in the shadowy foliage. We left the makeshift beds at 5.30 a.m. We went out with our burdens, covered with two separate ponchos, the same people the previous day that Don Agustin Lizarraga armed with a huge knife, we served as a guide. We cross the bridge and jumping rocks and sticks to gore reach the entrance of a dense thickets where, we were told, he was to be the way. More than the little rain that wet us, the branches of trees and shrubs, being separated by the hands and sticks also regaled us with new getting wet with rain drops were to seek refuge in their green leaves. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

No way had none, we were ascending a very steep slope, a path enough just to him to run a very small amount of water. It was a tree trunk that would save us encaramarnos or an ugly step, and fallen branches of trees served us lifts. The gradient was increasing, and at first we thought we find a gulf had stopped. Around half an hour we climbed almost vertically full of sweat, and the foot muscles we are adormían, by between a closed forest, whose sides were not seen more than the curly scepter, bristling, immense and down the river between deafening cheers dragged his tumultuous waters. The rain was still insistent and foggy and black sky looked like a field of mourning and desolation; a thick fog covered us Forbidding almost see the way. Mr. Enrique Palma, with his machete, removed the branches of step and we gave others leaning toward us helped us to suspendernos. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

We would be eighty meters above the river when we were surprised to see under the concavity of a rock some dried corn cobs, pots, skins and other kitchen utensils, where barely squeaked mournfully chirping insects and birds. The rise became almost impossible, had moments in which swooned our minds, but seeing the will and enthusiasm with which Lizarraga and Palma were lost in the woods looking for and pointing out the way, we oeuvres and we followed the pilgrimage, eating some coca chancaca, which saved us from the effects of altitude sickness that made us hesitate. Counting the difficulties and vicissitudes of the way would be to look exaggerated, it is necessary to go up and fatigued as those excursionábamos to understand how difficult the ascent. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).

Suffice to say that looking at these heights, vertigo prevented us to continue looking at the houses, which smoldered from the riverbanks. In a moment I was going up grabbing of rootlets that the road crossed, I grabbed what looked like a bat, when swift, slipped between my fingers something very cold and clammy, I thought I had touched a snake, and almost apprehension, very explainable, I felt my thumb swelled and hurt, then I saw was probably a snake that was sleeping and feeling touched fled to the bush. After an ascent of three hours, we finally reached the top of the hill, where the river could be seen as a copper wire and broken like a black rope. The cry of Machu Piccho! Launched by Mr. Palma we recovered from the overwhelming fatigue that overwhelmed us. From there we could see the other side of the hill a broad plateau or esplanade, always covered with tangled thicket, among whom some pieces that looked like ruins of houses or buildings were shown. We descended to that place, and suddenly we were walking and repaired by a galleries to right were limited by a kind of rough stone barracks and Cyclopean character. We were in Machu Piccho. (Tours Machu Picchu 1 day – mountain Peru).


Machu Piccho Peru 1part