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Cusco – Peru

The other tours Machu Picchu: how many and where other Inca citadels as Machu Picchu in Peru mainly this is was the scene of great Inca cultures, some built impressive monuments, or Marcahuamachuco as Kuelap, Choquequirao, receiving the nickname of “the other Machu Picchu “. A mixture of praise and marketing strategy to visit the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu tours.

Kuelap. It is considered one of the major Peruvian archeological monuments. Their Inca walls measuring more than 20 meters high.

Ancient Inca. Marcahuamachuco is the largest in the northern highlands of Peru. Choquequirao is another example of Inca architectural skills. The complex consists of buildings and terraces.

No, sir, I do not believe him. You are lying to me or exaggerating. What happens, will you deceive me? Would I have seen stupid face? Do you think that facilitated Nomás’m going to swallow that cuentazo? It is therefore wrong. I am not so stupid, sorry, I’m not a beast. You see, anger makes me confused and I end up saying nonsense. Do not kill with laughter. An error committed by anyone. Well, if you’re not making a mistake. You do that with every intention, with premeditation and advantage as lawyers say. But what wins kidding. Do not. Really it is not necessary. I like or we will go there. So for once tell me the truth. Cut it with that old story that we are going to Machu Picchu tours. Well that is something quite disoriented and lost, but I’m not so much as to not realize that this place is not the Cusco. Where are the holy waters of the Urubamba (Sacred Valley of the Incas), the railway that leads to the village of Aguas Calientes, the Inca trail tour of hundreds of travelers all over the world to visit Machu Picchu.

And, as there is nothing to that, there can be no Machu Picchu in these parts, even if you tell me otherwise and you enterques and I argue and assure me that is not yours invention, it was not you who baptized or left for the history that phrase of “Machu Picchu of the North” and the “culprit” if one can speak of guilty in this case, it was a president.

Ah, how, what does a president in this situation. So this whole mess is courtesy of an agent who, surprised by the monumental work of a pre-Hispanic town, he had no better idea to compare it with maximum architectural work of the Incas, although the stone walls he saw and admired, were not raised by the Sons of Sol. A small detail that was not taken into account by such a distinguished personage who, as every politician, sought to give the taste bud in the population … and got it, because the phrase stuck in the hearts and minds of the people. Since then, Marcahuamachuco, in La Libertad, although it is not really separated the “Machu Picchu of the North”. I do not argue with you anymore. I give you the reason. You did not want to cheat. But try to understand. Me out of that box that we’ll travel to Machu Picchu. So I emberrinché and got jumpy. Different boot would have been if you told me that, decades ago, the architect Fernando Belaunde Terry made the comparison with the Cusco wonder.

Hence the thing changed, and instead of walking cursing, I would have asked more and I would have known more about the largest of the northern highlands of Peru “guamachucos” and its archaeological heritage. But it all started badly and I spoke little during the journey of about 10 kilometers that separates the present town of Huamachuco, with the plateau where the ancient stone erected his legacy. We arrived. I set you apart and started roaming the resort without your company. I did not want to hear words as he watched the great walls, enclosures, the geographical environment. It’s funny, but I always try to do the same when I’m on the other Machu Picchu, heck, even I get confused me in the true Machu Picchu, but rarely get it. There are always many people. That’s hard to be alone.


Travel. Many anecdotes. More “Machu Picchus”. Sure, Marcahuamacho is not alone. At home there are several areas that receive that name or are compared to the fabulous citadel. If they are similar or not it is another thing. If not built Quechua, it is an insignificant detail. What we want is to call them. It serves as image. Is attractive to tourists. Marketing strategy, tell him some. Deceives boys, they may think more. The truth is that for better or for worse and are known. And while the travel experience teaches similes such distrust, I must admit that my adventures in the “Machu Picchus” … say “alternative” has been more than satisfactory. How not to be if one is Kuelap. The strength of shashapuyos with its immense and towering walls, with its circular houses, with narrow stairs were death traps for the Inca invaders, yes, because they besieged for months belligerent settlers of this land of mountainous jungle in the Amazon region.

Kuelap, indeed, not like the crown jewel of the Tahuantinsuyo, as it is does not seem Rúpac, called Machu Picchu in the mountains of Lima. There comes walking up to one of the many hills of the Sierra Huara. Is a heavy way that some people set in the town of La Florida and others to save a few kilometers of walking, it started from the desolate village of Pampas.

Stone buildings and a stunning view of those who were Atavillos domains, a pre-Cusco flourishing ancient culture that prevailed in these mountainous areas, in today’s Peru, are part of the region Lima provinces; then what Machu Picchu is just a fad or is it that we all want to have a near Machu Picchu to be proud. Machu Picchus not know how many have in Peru. But in my travels I have met one more: Choquequirao. Tell “the other Machu Picchu” and, indeed, the “Cradle of Gold” -that his name is Spaniard does have many similarities. Not that it’s a twin work, but in their enclosures constructive skill of the descendants of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo shows.

At this point of the road, rightly I suspect that on future trips narrated situations such as presented here. What I am sure of is that not disown, because, whatever happens, I will enjoy the place I lead my steps. And yes, they go about in silence, as I try to do whenever I’m in Machu Picchu, the truth, the lie.


The other tours Machu Picchu