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Ausangate Mountain colors 1day

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Cusco – Peru

Ausangate Mountain colors 1day: Ausangate is the fifth highest mountain in Peru, its maximum altitude is 6,372 meters above sea level. It is located about 100 kilometers southeast of Cusco.

Mountain Rainbow colors or proper name that local people use to locate their territory (beniqunqa), is so called by the beautiful mountains of very bright color that gives us this place. The colors change according to the climate of the moment, when this cloudy colors are more subdued or dark and when this very sunny colors are vivid and clear on this tour AUSANGATE have the opportunity to appreciate the varieties of camelids, own birds of area as the Andean condor, the Killichu, the Huallatas and the Andean Puma.

  • DURATION OF TOURS: 1 day mountain Ausangate colors
  • TYPE OF TRAVEL: Walk, Adventure
  • TRAVEL ACTIVITIES: Peru, walk and visit Ausangate mountain colors
  • TRAVEL PERIOD: All the time peru tour to Machu Picchu
  • FREQUENCY OF TOURS: every day of the year travel to Machu Picchu tour peru


1. Travel day tour Ausangate mountain of colors
4:00 a.m. hotel transfer
4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. 3 hour trip to the foothills of Mount Ausangate
7:30 am breakfast
8 am – 3 pm mountain hike ausangate
3:30 pm Return transportation to Cusco
7pm arrival in Cusco – Peru



4 am transfer from the hotel to the passengers to board the transport and then a trip for 3 hours going through Ocongate and Tinki typical places along the way beautiful places seen with landscapes of snowy mountains and reached the foothills of Mount Ausangate where we had breakfast and we started the walk along the way appreciate different camelids, birds hopefully we can appreciate the Andean Puma and enjoy the mountain scenery of colors unique landscape in Peru.

La hike up the mountain of Ausangate is considered adventure tourism. The road presents rock formations at a height of over 5,000 meters covered by ice tongues.

It included in the tour Ausangate Mountain colors 1day:

Transfer from hotel
Transportation round trip
01 breakfast, 01 lunch, snacks
Professional guide for ausangate trek – Mountain colors

Not included in the tour Ausangate Mountain colors 1day:

  • Tips on trips
  • Ausangate carrier or horse trek
  • extra expenses that are not in the contract

Recommendations for the tour Ausangate Mountain colors 1day:

  • Water bottle
  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses
  • Rain poncho
  • Clothing for the cold
  • Walking sticks
  • Shoe trek


Peru Ausangate (Mountain colors), we are here, we all exist. We give him offerings and he gives us everything in return. Ausangate takes care of everything, animals and people. Thanks to Ausangate, there are plenty of animals and food, because we make offerings to him Ausangate Trek.

Ausangate has always been like that. He gave us all those things. He gives us potatoes and chuño. In ancient times, the shamans gave the best offerings, k’intus to the Apus of Peru.

Ausangate Trek in Peru:

In the Andes of Southern Peru, the high mountains are considered the most powerful of the traditional deities. Ausangate is the highest and the most respected mountain worshipped from Cuzco to Lake Titicaca. From its snows, sacred waters flow past Machu Picchu to the Amazon Peru.

Quechua Ausangate Trek in Peru:

Quechua people who live on the slopes of Ausangate (Mountain colors) have maintained their way of life largely unknown to the outside world and in close relationship to the mountain Ausangate, much as their ancestors did before them.

Ausangate, at 20,800’ is a sacred peak or Apu, a powerful mountain inspiring the lives and rituals of the Quechua. Qoyllulr Rit’I, the largest pilgrimage in Peru, draws thousands of people to Ausangate each year to make offerings and in return to receive the Ausangate mountain’s blessings.

Ausangate Peru:

Well, I grew up looking at Ausangate (Mountain colors), since my childhood knowing that it is the most important peak that all the people watch for signs to find out what is going on. Is the snow too deep? Is the snow too low? We observe the relationship of the sun’s direction in specific times of the year, like this. But most important it is the Apu of the Cusco region, and the owner of this entire region Ausangate.

Travelers has been traveling to Ausangate (Mountain colors) for over twenty years walking. Each year, she returns to study the textiles, the rituals, to visit her many godchildren and the weavers, and to work as a trekking guide in Peru.

Ausangate is a sacred Apu, it’s a mountain spirit and when you’re here you have no doubt that that’s exactly what it is, it’s so powerful Ausangate (Mountain colors). And the Quechua people who live around it, they have this relationship to it, they’re connected to the wind and the thunder and you never know from year to year when you come back, what will have changed in mountain Ausangate (Mountain colors).