Bicycle tours through Peru

viajes en bicicleta del Peru

Bike trips by Peru: This cycling adventure trip through Peru runs the best of Peruvian southern Andes, between Cusco and Puno, allowing to know the sites of major cultural and natural attractions such as the Incan city tours Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca with floating islands of the Uros, while performing thrilling descents surrounded by spectacular scenery. The route is of medium difficulty, designed for people with previous experience in mountain biking. Height adaptation is progressive. We ride through fields with stunning views of glaciers, lakes and native forests. We will long descents by bridle paths, we will contact with high Andean communities and tour ancient Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Trips Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Travel through the Sacred Valley of the Incas to Machu Picchu. Trips Inka jungle trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Cusco to Puno travel


You should always remember to try to keep the weight of their equipment to a minimum. His backpack full (if not using double-sided rear saddlebags) must weigh no more than 5-7 kg. Here is the list of necessary things we recommend for cycling:


Bicycle Shoes Light casual shoes (trainers / tennis) for camping and / or travel Good quality padded cycling shorts (baggy style) Loose casual pants Several pairs of socks cycling (avoid nylon stockings – can cause blisters and do not breathe well) Waterproof pants Fleece windbreaker Cycling jacket windproof lighter (respirable) A selection of shirts, hoodies and long-sleeved shirts, preferably not cotton Winter jacket, possibly wool and / or pullover Tracksuit Underwear Waterproof Swimsuit Pijamas Cycling helmet Sunglasses with UV protection Hat or cap for sun protection Wool cap Fingerless cycling gloves Gloves / mittens (full finger) Accessories for bicycle trips by Peru: Rear saddlebags double sided waterproof backpack (60-80 l.) And backpack (20-30 l.) Sunscreen and lip balm Water bottle Spare laces Spot Front and rear lights Multifunctional device (mileage meter, altimeter, clock, compass, etc.) Polyethylene bags (to protect delicate items from moisture and dust) Earplugs (especially for shared rooms in the cottages) Toolkit Basic first aid kit Personal To mountain biking, there are several additional things that could be of great importance: Water: it helps keep you hydrated The food: an energy boost for the track is also very necessary Extra clothing: a choice of season


For the realization of the trip is necessary passport valid for more than six months from the date of return of the country. Check if necessary entry visa and notify nationality to meet entry conditions in countries The tour price may be revised up to 20 days before departure, due to unforeseen increases in airport taxes, fuel, etc. The hotel category is based on local tourist classification. Prices include holiday cancellation insurance and travel assistance. (Cancellation coverage will be the fare being the maximum 5,000 euros per person) Cancellation costs: The customer can always cancel your trip. Cancellation of services generates various types of expenses (management, cancellation and penalty). The amount of these costs will depend on the date when the cancellation is made and the conditions of transport tariffs applied in this case (100% of costs), plus the economic requirements of each service provider rest. Consult General Conditions. For any questions about the necessary vaccinations and other health information for the journey described, we suggest contacting the corresponding tropical medicine center in every town.


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Bicycle tours through Peru
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