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Tours Machu Picchu Peru – Tour Operator: Description of the Inca city of Machu Picchu and its surroundings the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Its channel is born in the knot of the same name, and its route is shaping the Sacred Valley of the Incas tours. In the jungle forms the Tropical Valley Quillabamba tours; in the jungle tours, joining the Tambo River tours, it generates the Ucayali tours, this, in turn, to the confluence with the Marañón form the Amazon River tours. In rainy season increases its volume, registering its highest level in March. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

This important torrent has been called three different names: tours Vilcanota and Urubamba Wilkamayu tours, which correspond to different cultural periods of our history. Before the Incas called it the Tiwanakos Willkañut’a (the Casa del Sol, in Aymara), which pronounced españolizadamente was identified as Vilcanota tours; Inkas named him Willkamayu (Sacred River, in Quechua); and the Republican era the National Geographic Institute of Peru Urubamba named. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

This river was considered sacred by the Incas, who associated him with the Milky Way and the orientation of the path of the sun; so they say Dr. Johan Reinhard and Elorrieta brothers. The first, explains: “It’s not a product of chance that the name of Vilcanota means” house of the sun “or” house where the sun was born “in the Aymara language, presumably because the river (and the chain of mountains of the same name in their origins) flows along the path of the sun as seen from Cusco. The Vilcanota River tours also compares today with the celestial river, the Milky Way … (Tours Peru MachuPicchu) “The Elorrieta brothers say:” The Milky Way known in the Andean world as Mayu or Celestial River, served the Incas as the axis of ritual orientation … Because all I am in correspondence to these ideas were built along the Sacred Valley of the vast Inca constructions delineated ritual spaces, in which he re-created in their respective ways to the main Andean constellations, located near the Mayu or Milky Way (Tree, Flame, Condor tours, Partridge, bridges, barns, etc.), as if this were their river valley and its double or its reflection in the mirror of the Earth “14. Machu Picchu is an important part of these ritual spaces. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

Apparently the Milky Way relate the major rivers elsewhere in the world was also part of the cultural conceptions of their respective populations. Mircea Eliade says so: “According to Mesopotamian beliefs, the Tigris river was the star model Anunit, and Euphrates in Star Golondrina. Disclosed, too, the existence of celestial archetypes for the Babylonian cities, Sippar in the constellation Cancer, and Nineveh in the Big Dipper “In this regard, The Elorrieta Brothers added:” Similarly, maps of geographical areas with the Milky Way They located on the Camino de Santiago (Europe) in the Nile Valley tours (Egypt); and in America, of Tepostlán (Mexico) and the Elki in Chile “. Also, the architect Andrés Adasme says that like the Nile, the Ganges River (India) has correspondence with the Milky Way. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)


In the century XV-based archaeological-by the year 1438 during the reign of the Inca Pachacutec estimates, this city was built. The work lasted about 30 years. Then it was populated by a select group of priests, priestesses, ajilas (Virgins of the Sun), candidates for the priesthood and the government Inka. It worked until 1537 as an educational venue for the future leaders of the Empire. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

Between 1537 and 1545, according to our proposal, in order of Manko Inka – tours, he was systematically depopulated. their most precious objects were carried. Subsequently, for centuries, it was in abandonment; access roads were blocked, ceilings fell and constructions remained at the mercy of nature until 1912. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

From 1890 to 1911 it was known by local people. the possibility is not ruled before and during this time has been visited by treasure hunters, we know for example that: Agustin Lizarraga arrived to Machu Picchu in 1901; likewise, Raymondi in 1865 and in 1874 recorded Germán Göhring on their maps a place called Machu Picchu. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

In 1895, the Peruvian government rehabilitated the old Inka road between tours Ollantaytambo and Quillabamba tours; the same as going through the foothills of Machu Picchu, was parallel to the Vilcanota River. This was turned into a bridle path, and now railway. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours In 1907, peasant families Richarte Alvarez and settled in Machu Picchu. They lived there, cultivating their platforms. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours On July 24, 1911, guided by native Melchor Arteaga and the child Pablito, Dr. Hiram Bingham visited Machu Picchu for the first time. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours In August 1912, the “National Geographic and Yale University Expedition” directed by Bingham, with the support of the Peruvian government and local workers hired, dug in strategic places in the city, opened tombs and recovered construction of plant cover. They also made photographic records and a topographical survey. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

Between 1914 and 1915, a third expedition, led by Bingham also explored the various roads connecting to Machu Picchu. Completed scans Bingham, Machu Picchu was again abandoned. He was again at the mercy of nature, and only sporadically was visited by adventurers, photographers and looters, unchecked, until 1934. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours In 1928, he reached the railroad station Maquinachayoq, at Km. 110.5, now known as the town of “Aguas Calientes” or Machu Picchu. In 1934, the Board of Archaeology, sponsored by the Spanish government, took control of Machu Picchu and rescued him from the undergrowth; subsequently he made several restorations. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours On October 1, 1941, it was created the district of Machu Picchu. On the same date, the Peruvian government declared the Inca city of Machu Picchu Archaeological Park National, instructing the Board of Archaeology conservation and restoration. That same year reached Machu Picchu a scientific expedition led by Paul Fejos. In 1942, he arrives at Machu Picchu Dr. Julio C. Tello, directing the “Scientific Expedition Urubamba”. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours In 1946, the construction of the road connecting bridge Machu Picchu Ruins and starts; inaugurated on October 17, 1948. tourist hotel, adjacent to the city Inka is then built. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

In the forties, the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, after his visit to the city Inka, inspired by the magic of the place, he wrote his famous poem Canto General. Heights of Machu Picchu. A fragment says: “Then on the scale of the earth I climbed through the barbed tangle of lost to you, jungles Machu Picchu (Peru Tours Machu Picchu).

tours On April 5, 1952, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, known as Che Guevara, visited Machupicchu18, and in his book Travel Notes, refers to this city the following: Town that keep within its walls the last members of a people free. “19 In 1968, the Peruvian government created the National Tourism Company to respond more effectively to the increasing influx of visitors. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours In November 1978, when the kings of Spain visited Machu Picchu, that landed the helicopter that transported the monolith was standing in the middle of the main square it was demolished. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours On January 8, 1981, the Peruvian government declared: “Historical Sanctuary”. On December 9, 1983, by Dr. Daniel Estrada management Pérez20, UNESCO ‘.o recognized as “CULTURAL HERITAGE MACHU PICCHU”. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours In September 1997, a violent fire destroyed around Machu Picchu, causing serious ecological damage. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

tours In 2000, the government tried to privatize Tumo. On 08 September the same year, the southern tip of Intiwatana was broken, a fact that caused public outrage and the subsequent international scandal slowed the intended privatization. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

Today, Machu Picchu is the most representative of the Andean culture emblem, and is visited by thousands of tourists. Is the heritage of the world, few have the right to know and the duty to protect Machu Picchu. (Tours Peru MachuPicchu)

Tours Machu Picchu Peru – Tour Operator
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